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Welcome to my range of clips.

Within my clips you will find an insight into my world and my sessions.

I am always filming a wide range of new content for your viewing pleasure. Slaves, Sluts, Pay Pigs and Sissy’s, there is something for everyone.

I also often film alongside various other mistress and slaves in varying locations.

My clips are filmed at a range of different venues covering both domestic and dungeon settings as well as some clips filmed using abandoned warehouse venues. Clips are filmed in a range of different styles including POV and Session styles.

Custom clips are also available. Custom clips are are filmed tailored to your specific fetish’s, fantasy’s and dreams.
You can find my clip sites linked below. You may also be interested in this month’s top 10 shown below.

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Filming Slaves

Whilst I film POV clips myself, I also regularly film new clips with slaves covering a range of interests using both domestic settings and dungeons at a range of locations. I often look to film with new slaves, as such filming opportunities are advertised on my Twitter page regularly.

  • Can I film with you?
    Slave filming opportunities are advertised on my Twitter page when available.
  • How do I apply to film with you?
    When filming opportunities are available interested slaves should send a Direct Message on Twitter to apply, unless otherwise instructed. 
  • Do I have to tribute to film with you?
    A filming tribute will apply during filming days. This tribute may vary, however, the tribute price will be clearly slated.
    Filming tributes are to be paid when applying, this is to prevent wasted filming days due to slaves not turning up.
  • What are the requirements to film with you?
    In order to film with me, you must:
    - Be aged 18 or over
    - Bring valid UK ID with you on the day
    - Complete a 'Model Release' form
  • What fetishes/scenes do you film?
    I film a wide range of fetishes and interests, the scenes covered on any particular day will vary, it is important that slaves are flexible to allow successful filming.  All slave limits will be respected.
  • Will other slaves be present when filming?
    Multiple slaves will often be present during filming days unless otherwise stated.
  • Will my face be shown in clips?
    Discretion is a top priority, if you do not wish to have your face shown in clips then you may wear a mask during filming.
    It is important that you make this clear before we start any filming.

This Month's Top 10


Goldilocks & The Three Balls

Princess Jessika and Mistress Luci amuse themselves inflicting pain and torment on the hapless genitals of their three useless slaves.

5 Minutes

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Severe caning punishment

Slave is tied to the wall ready for the cane.  

A severe punishment is on its way – the slave must learn obedience through suffering.  

How else will it learn its lesson?

4 Minutes

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Serious Verbal Humiliation

Princess catches you sniffing her panties, pervert and threatens to in your mouth and kick you in the balls. She insults and swears at the pathetic slave.

2 Minutes

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Cuckold Instruction

Mistress laughs at your tiny dick while she tells you what fun she will be having with her boyfriends.
You will beg to be allowed to pay for their night out and buy her some NICE underwear to play in. Cuckold bitch!

4 Minutes

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Diaper Humiliation

Mistress laughs at your nappies and makes you wear them in public.

2 Minutes

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Sheer stockings, foot worship and using slave as my footstool

Hooded slave slowly worships Princesses feet as she relaxes.
Gagging slave with her toes, her pretty painted toes.
After slave gives her feet the attention they deserve, Princess uses the foot bitch as a
foot rest
Princess teases with her sheer stocking tops.

6 Minutes

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Cuckhold training, learning to suck cock

Princess shows you what it takes to be a good cuck and keep my men happy, in her sexy green corset, tights and heels. Princess waves her thick pink cock in cucks face.

Stuffing it into little sluts mouth, ready to take all those boys cocks and to please Princess by learning to be my f-bi bitch.

You are so hungry for this strapon! Gobble it all down!

3 Minutes

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Do My Homework Humiliation Cuckhold Tease

My time is far too valuable, I can’t waste my time on homework and tasks.

Seen as you like to perv on me, let’s look at how you are never ever going to touch me. You will never be my boyfriend, but what you can do is be a useful perv and do my homework while I go off with my boyfriends.

If you don’t do what I say, I will just take you and bog flush you in the toilet, you moron

I better get an A star!

Now I am going to go get ready for the party that you AREN’T invited to as you are too much of a loser

Enjoy doing my homework you waste of space

2 Minutes

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Anal Plug Instructions

You want to train to take big cocks for Princess?

Maybe we can train you and let you be my little coerced-bi slut. You need to be stretched up first though. Before you are ready to take my strapon, you need to follow my instructions and get used to having that little virgin ass filled with cock.

Let's start with a butt plug.
Next, my strapon

3 Minutes

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Latex wearing Mistress Torments her slave's nipples, cock and balls with pegs

Princess wears her latex, hold-ups and black patent boots while teasing and punishing her hooded, naked, collared slave. 

Let's see how many pegs we can spread between the cock and balls and nipples. 

Slave wriggles to get away but Princess always has the upper hand. 

‘’Does that hurt’’ Princess spits through giggling lips. 

‘’You’re so pathetic, you make me sick’’ 

7 Minutes

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Custom Clips

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